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The Devil’s Work is a fictional thriller about Tommy MacDonald,  a Management consultant in the payments industry. On his way home for Thanksgiving, he uncovers a conspiracy led by an evil business executive, Wasim Mirza, to use the payment system to control who can buy food and gas. Tommy embarks on a quest to confirm his suspicions and do what he can to stop Mirza and his minions.

Release Date: December 4, 2020

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Reader's Favorite  *  *  *  *  *


The plot was laid out as well as a Robert Ludlum novel. John Gallagher takes his time, slowly feeding us the necessary details of a conspiracy of literally Biblical proportions, then finishes with a powerful punch. 


Rory is born in poverty on a Caribbean island. To give him a chance at a good life, his parents send him to an aunt and uncle in Brooklyn. Rory's dream is to return and rescue his parents from the "hellish island." For sixteen years his dream drives him to excel in everything he does. He returns to the island, but he's too late.

Heartbroken, Rory researches Irish history and discovers 50,000 Irish, including his ancestors, were sold into slavery in the seventeenth century and now only 400 are left on the island. They are the Red Legs of Barbados. Rory concludes that someone needs to pay for the wrong-doings of their fathers.

Available for Pre-Order - 1/1/2021

Release Date: 3/13/2021

Reader's Favorite  *  *  *  *  *


Curse of Our Father is an engrossing read, a powerful indictment of the crimes against humanity, an investigative novel that will thrill both fans of historical and crime novels. It was a gripping read for me. 


Is it the things we get or the things we give? Maybe it has nothing to do with things.


A 12-year-old boy is being coerced to join a notorious gang in a New York project. He’s arrested on Black Friday for shoplifting as part of his gang initiation, but a mysterious, charismatic 33-year-old man asks the judge to allow him to mentor the boy. The young man inspires the boy to turn his and his troubled family’s lives around while fending off the gang and their murderous leader and learning the Spirit of Christmas.

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