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You Don't Know Jack

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I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I did well in high school both academically and in sports. While a senior, I met the love of my life and we were married after graduation. I attended college full time for two years, while working a full time job as a computer operator at a bank and a part time job as a short order cook. 

My plan when I graduated high school was to be a history teacher and track coach. But, like John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you’re making plans.” I continued taking classes at night school, but stopped when I turned 25. I was a systems officer at the bank, had three children, a mortgage, two cars, making good money and spending every dime. There was no going back.  I had my first idea for a book when I was twenty and started thinking that one day I would become an author.

My career in banking, technology and marketing blossomed, as did my family.  I was part of the five-person team that created the largest ATM network in the country and launched national credit and debit card processing services. In '91, the bank acquired a  card processing company in Atlanta and asked me to relocate to run marketing for the new company. I did. By that time the family had grown to six children.

In '98, I formed a start-up company. For eighteen years the company prospered by providing POS systems and  credit card processing for restaurants in Atlanta. 

I never became a high school track coach, but I did coach kids in track & field for twenty years. Five of my six children are married and we have eight grandchildren. I’ve also formed close bonds with all of the family members resulting in participation in a ridiculous amount of sports and hobbies. 

I woke up a few years ago and realized that all my life I did what I had to do, and it was now possible to do what I wanted to do. I sold my company and began my new life as an author. I built a house on the lake and split my time between my home near Atlanta and the lake house.


My experience in finance, sports, and especially life, makes my writing richer, more layered, and more believable. All my work is written for publication and for adaptation to film.

I’ve completed two novels and a short story in the suspense/thriller genre and I'm in search of a film producer for them. I've also developed a concept for a TV show and written the script for the first episode. I’m looking for a producer and network to help develop the show.


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