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  • John Michael Gallagher

A personal note from the author

I’ve always loved Christmas. And each year I vow to hold on to the spirit of the day throughout the year. When I became an author, I wanted to write a Christmas classic like Dicken’s, A Christmas Carol.

Most Christmas stories these days are television romances, robbers pulling heists or a kid left at home, with Christmas decorations in the background and playing an occasional Christmas song. I wanted to write a story like A Christmas Carol with meaning, and a contemporary setting.

This short story was a gift to my family for Christmas 2019. There is an adult version and a children’s version. The children’s version will be available for free in the fall of 2020 with the purchase of The Devil's Work. I will read on Christmas Eve to my children and grandchildren this year along with readings of The Nativity and 'Twas the night before Christmas.

Have I written a new classic? I hope so, but I’ll be happy if each person who reads the story finds inspiration in its message.

All the Best,


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